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Why It’s Important to Buy Certified Diamonds


Luxury diamonds on white background

For anyone planning to buy diamond jewelry, it’s helpful to remember that not all diamonds are created equally. With such a large volume of diamond products on the market, consumers should be on the lookout for quality, particularly for bigger ticket items like engagement rings and anniversary gifts.


Certified diamonds are inspected and graded in a scientific gem laboratory. They have undergone extensive testing for cut, color, clarity, and carat weight (also known as the 4 C’s). These diamonds are guaranteed to have the highest quality across all categories.


Carat: This is the word used most often when purchasing a diamond. Certified diamonds are always inspected based on their carat. The carat measures the weight of the diamond (one carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 100 points on a scale).

But carat definitely isn’t the only factor to consider. Diamonds of the same carat size may still have very different values based on other qualities.

Cut: Don’t confuse this with the shape of your diamond. Cut doesn’t mean round, oval, or pear, rather it refers to the way the diamond is cut and how it reflects light. A good cut allows a diamond to sparkle brilliantly, while a bad one may appear dull. Cut is the most important aspect of the 4 C’s, because it affects the diamond’s overall appearance.

Color: The certification process ranks diamonds based on their color, with the highest value being awarded to diamonds that are almost completely colorless. Diamonds naturally display a range of colors, including yellows and pinks. Feel free to choose a diamond that reflects your unique style, as colorless isn’t the only way to go.

Clarity: Diamonds often include tiny blemishes or characteristics that make them unique. A certified diamond report will include the locations of any markings on the individual diamond. These usually aren’t even visible without magnification, so don’t stress about them if you are happy with the overall appearance.

Purchasing a certified diamond offers the buyer some peace of mind, particularly when it comes to value. A certified diamond comes with a verified value, and it is inspected by independent parties that are not affiliated with the diamond dealer or seller. It is the best way for the buyer to be sure about what they are getting.

Additionally, certified diamonds come with a report that will disclose extra information about the stone. Diamonds are sometimes enhanced with lasers or heat to change their appearance, but this information will always be included with the certification report.

Along with the certification, consumers should also get a warranty for their diamond purchase. Unlike other things we buy, diamonds can and will last forever. A warranty partnered with routine maintenance will ensure that your diamond jewelry stays just as vibrant as the day of purchase.

When purchasing a diamond, it is important that you like the look of the piece, regardless of the information presented in the certification report. Use the certification to ensure the diamond’s quality, but also choose a diamond that you will be happy with for years to come.