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Why Alyce Homecoming Dresses Are Still A Top Choice For 2017



The world of fashion is rapidly changing as more and more designer brands are introduced in the market. However, the Alyce Homecoming Dresses still remain a highly preferred and rated brand by customers. But first, what is a homecoming dress and how does it differ from the others, such as for example prom dresses or cocktail dresses?


What is homecoming dress?


A homecoming dress is the dress specifically designed to be worn during the homecoming event. The homecoming is a week-long event which is organized by colleges and high schools in the United States. Colleges hold the event to welcome back their old alumni. At the high school, homecoming event is to celebrate former senior high school students who excelled in athletes.


The homecoming event is normally held in the fall season, and for this reason homecoming dresses tend to be less formal and their length is generally much shorter. Most schools consider the event semi-formal and so the dress itself is semi-formal. In designing these dresses, Alyce has taken into account the aspect of comfort and so the dress is generally relaxed.


How does the homecoming dress differ from prom?


Many people confuse Alyce Design Prom Dresses with their homecoming counterparts. Prom dresses are designed for the prom, an event considered the most important by many high school students. The event is usually held in late spring, a season stretching between April and June, commonly known as the prom season. Unlike the homecoming which is semi-formal, prom is mostly a formal event. In terms of cost, prom is generally more expensive.


Because of the fact the prom is a formal event and the time it is held is characterized by cold weather, the girls participating in it wear floor length gowns. Male participants wear tuxedos or suits. While homecoming allows low or flat heel, during prom, high heel is the official wear. Since prom highlights the high school life of a girl, many girls plan in advance what to wear and how to celebrate the prom in style. The prom event is considered more important by the girls and this is the reason the demand for Alyce Paris Prom Dresses is usually higher than male prom.


Deciding on the right dress:

All the Alyce dresses are available in various types, colors and styles. There are also various choices of gowns ranging from mini-dress, A-line gowns and empire waist among others.You can view the various styles and latest designs of Alyce Paris homecoming dresses at Couture Candy.