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Tips for choosing the perfect sock

T-shirt ready, tights ready, impeccable shoes and … socks? Bah, we take some either. Yes, this is one of the main routines of all of us, of all lovers of running. We prepare 100% but we give very little importance to an aspect as important as socks.
It may seem silly but choosing a sock is almost as important or even more important than choosing a pair of shoes. It sounds crazy but no, the socks are the garment that is in direct contact with our feet and one of its main functions is to protect the foot of the shoe.
Here are some tips that will help us choose the perfect sock:
100% cotton prohibited
Did you know that cotton absorbs moisture and can make it easier to catch infections like fungi? If we do not want our feet to end up soaked with sweat we must flee from this material. The best option is to opt for synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester or elastane to achieve the best possible adaptation and compression.
Everybody desires the best quality product. But everyone can’t fulfill their appeal only for lame of selection. Because everyone can’t find out the best quality which is manufacture by the best brand company. Private label sock manufacturers try to catch their quality because they have a huge competitor in the marketplace. For that, you can also choose the best sock which in manufacturer by private branding company.
If they are slippery much better since they will prevent them from moving while we run and, in addition, they will cushion the footprint. On the other hand, with anti-slip socks will probably save us to form those wrinkles so annoying that they can cause some damage to our feet.
Yes, thanks: mainly because with them we will avoid the bad smell on our feet and, also, in our shoes but also because finishing a workout or a race with soaking feet is not recommended. A sock with a great ventilation system is your best friend because it will provide an extra point of comfort thanks to the evacuation of moisture.
Be careful with the seams because they can become your worst nightmare. The sock should stay like a glove and if it is reinforced in the toe and heel much better. If you really value your feet the socks always with flat seams or without them, to guarantee a minimum friction in our feet and, above all, in the fingers.
For each competition, there is a sock. Do the sport you do choose the most appropriate sock. It is not worth putting on the socks we used to ride a bike the day we decided to go to the mountain. Among the running ones we also find different specialties because yes, the feet do not suffer the same running 10 kilometers than a marathon. So, for your good and that of your feet, to each of them a sock.
With these tips and with your well-chosen socks you are ready to enjoy your favorite sport.