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Things to Know Before Signing with a Modelling Agency


Before a modelling agency will decide to offer you a contract, they will likely ask you all sort of questions first. They want to make sure that you are theright model that they are looking for. They want to know too if they are indeed going to make something lucrative out of getting your career banked on them.

However, when the time comes that you are already offered a contract, you might wantto pausesigning the papers first. It is not enough that the agency finds you an ideal talent for them. You need to be sure too that the agency is indeed the right place that will help get your modelling career take off. This is why you need to discuss a number of things with them first before you decide to sign.

You will want to show to the agency that you are engaged and excited at the prospect of being one of their talents. You want to show that you are professional too. But this does not mean that you are just going to sayyes to all their conditions. While you want them to lead the interview, make sure that you will also take the time to find out more about them. Ask the right questions to decide if this is indeed the right place for you to be if you want you establish a career in the industry.

See if they have a modelling school and find out if they are going to require you to attend one. There is definitely nothing wrong with modelling schools. However, you will find that there is really no need for you to have to attend one to make it in the industry. The top modelling agencies in the world do notreally require their models to sign up for their modelling schools. If the agency wants you to do that, you may be better off looking somewhere else.

Know what kind of agency they are. Larger agencies are often what models aspire for since they tend to have a longer list ofclients. But they do tend to have a larger model pool which means more competition for you. If you are still starting out in the industry, agencies that are smaller or are considered as boutique types may be the best place for you to work at establishing a name for yourself.

Get to know who their clients are. This will give you an ideaof the quality of the agency as a whole as well as the kind of market that they are able to cover. Some agencies may focus moreon commercial and advertising modelling. There are those that may focus on glamour modelling too.

Ask about the commission rates because this will have a big impact on your earnings. You wouldnot want to sign up for a modelling agency without knowing how much you are going to be paid and what they are going to take from your commission. Agencies do only get paid once you get paid and will likely deduct 20% off your commission. Anything higher than that means you are just being scammed.